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RED HAZE 40 ml

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                                                                    RED HAZE

When full moon comes, his eyes are covered with a red mist. A werwolf sees in a blood colour or…red fruit one and leaves the walls of a dingy castle whooshing in aniseed fruits quest. Having found’em he transforms himself from a dangerous beast into a cheerful puppy, who is jumping and squeaking.
Since today it’s not clear how a combination of aniseed flavour has such an impact on the beast. The fact is, that the medley of red fruits with a bit of mint and quarter of aniseed is a very nice combination, which makes pleasure not only to werwolves.
Main notes: red fruits, mint, aniseed.
WARNING: premix is not ready to use. It is necessary to dilute it with a base. 60 ml bottle contains 40 ml of a premix. We suggest below the dosage of a diluted liquid:

0mg/ml add 20 ml nicotine free base,
1mg/ml add 20 ml nicotine base 3mg/ml,
2mg/ml add 20 ml nicotine base 6mg/ml,
4mg/ml add 20 ml nicotine base 12mg/ml,
6mg/ml add 20 ml nicotine base 18mg/ml.
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