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Premix Magic Taste 80 ml

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                                                              MAGIC TASTE
Combined powers of all druids’ pots were working steam ahead twelve full moons. Goal? To create a new and extraordinary liquid. But which one?
Elixir of an eternal youth? Was already.
Love mixture? Who cares.
The potion giving extrahuman power? It’s good for comic books.
Potency aid? Everyone says it’s not for him.
During ting, below the oldest oak, it was established that it’ll be a premix, which will cast a  spell and make love both every experienced and novice vapers. It ‘ll be captivating by its magical taste all: kind, bearded, creative glases wearers, nice reds and clever blondies.
Main notes: aloe, marula, strawberry

WARNING: premix is not ready to use. It is necessary to dilute it with a base. 120 ml bottle contains 80 ml of a premix. We suggest below the dosage of a diluted liquid:
0mg/ml add 40 ml nicotine free base,
1mg/ml add 40 ml nicotine base 3mg/ml,
2mg/ml add 40 ml nicotine base 6mg/ml,
4mg/ml add 40 ml nicotine base 12mg/ml,
6mg/ml add 40 ml nicotine base 18mg/ml.
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