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                                                                LEMON RITUAL

Do you know Igor? Yes, this low, malicious and humpbacked servant of different dark creatures? Look, Igor just fidgets in the catles’s crypt and in the blaze of torches is preparing himself to celebrate a mysterious ritual. Looking at a book of spells he is putting out of his bag the following ingredients: lemons, raspberries, adequate amounts of coolada and mixes‘em all in a crystal chalice.
This is LeMon ritual, beloved liquid of its master, coming back from a dream in his dingy tomb. Igor knows, that LeMon Ritual makes good even for the darkiest persons.
Main notes: lemons, raspberries, coolada.

WARNING: premix is not ready to use. It is necessary to dilute it with a base. 60 ml bottle contains 40 ml of a premix. We suggest below the dosage of a diluted liquid:

0mg/ml add 20 ml nicotine free base,
1mg/ml add 20 ml nicotine base 3mg/ml,
2mg/ml add 20 ml nicotine base 6mg/ml,
4mg/ml add 20 ml nicotine base 12mg/ml,
6mg/ml add 20 ml nicotine base 18mg/ml.
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