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Which is the easiest way to aromatise bought tobacco?
- to dilute the flavour 1:1 with water,
- to put out bought tobacco on a flat surface,
- to soak tobacco,
- to put it into a tight box,
- to place it in a warm place for a couple of hours to evaporate it.
While evaporating/saucing pores are opening and in the structure of a leaf immerses glicerol 1.2 propylene and flavoursome substances.
Glycerol avoids the tobacco drying, also improves so called combustibility of tobacco, increases the amount of a cloud arisen when smoking. It has got properties bacteria and fungicidals. The core flavour to a introductory aromatising should be tasteless flavour „Tobacco”. Evaporating with this flavour gives an effect of a noble tobacco. Such evaporated tobacco may be aromatised next with another flavour, eg. mint.


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