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VPG. Plus 0 100 ml

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inawera flavours , inawera e-liquds ,base , inawera uk

VPG. PLUS –  nicotine 0 mg/ml 

The database was created by mixing and propylene glikol &Biogaza
with etylomaltol

The quality of the base is guaranteed by company’s, professional laboratory.
Orgini al base is wrapped in a brand new box, sleeve type (shrinkable foil), which guarantees the origin of the base directly from the producer.
Signs on the box are in accordance with a EU regulation no. 1227/2008.
 A little bit sweet and gives big white puff. 

propylene glikol 1,2 - 43%

vegetable gyceri 99,5% - 49%

demineralized water - 5%

etylomalthol            - 3%

nicotine CAS 54-11-5  - 0mg/ml

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