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                                                         FROST IN HELL

The count put away a travel bag on the bed, wipped his fangs of the hoarfrost and broke a long stalactite from his nose. – Go to hell, they said, they encouraged to spend holiday over there. Why nobody said that there is freezing cold – he murmured. Yes, the count has come back from his holidays, it was nice, but the thing is, he went in a not appriopriate clothes.
Most of creatures think the hell is a hot place. They don’t know that since the last glaciation there’re very low temperatutres. This is common knowledge for all condamned souls. The vampires know about it too, who as tourists visit the fifth hellish ring. Vampires don’t say about it to anybody coming back from their holidays. They don’t want to encourage others to such a journey. Hellish frost is different than others. A concrete one, but also fruity. You won’t find it elsewhere.
Do you want a try?

WARNING: premix is not ready to use. It is necessary to dilute it with a base. 120 ml bottle contains 80 ml of a premix. We suggest below the dosage of a diluted liquid:

0mg/ml add 40 ml nicotine free base,
1mg/ml add 40 ml nicotine base 3mg/ml,
2mg/ml add 40 ml nicotine base 6mg/ml,
4mg/ml add 40 ml nicotine base 12mg/ml,
6mg/ml add 40 ml nicotine base 18mg/ml.
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